The Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Scot Pruitt, has officially stepped down from his position after several spending ethical controversies, but his policies will have a lasting impact on the environment for years to come. Some of Pruitt’s controversies include lobbying a Chick-fil-a franchise for his wife, demanding a Trump hotel mattress, and spending millions of taxpayer dollars on security, first-class travel, and sound proof booths.

His agenda for his position was to weaken the systematic environmental regulations that he claimed were hurting businesses. The Agency he left behind is now demoralized in protecting public health and the environment. While in office, he has erased or ceased research pertaining to climate change and the effects of pollution. Many of his advisory board is full of allies to the oil and gas companies. The president claimed Pruitt was doing a “fantastic job” as state courts and environmental groups were in legal battles over Pruitt’s decisions to delay or abolish dozens of clean air and water rules. He was able to convince Trump is stepping away from the Paris climate agreement.

Before entering in office, Pruitt fought to dismantle the Obama-era clean power plan. He was able to achieve this once in office. The EPA’s website has no mention of climate change, instead website says it is in an “update” that has lasted more than a year. He loosened safety rules for chemical plants and stopped an upcoming plan to ban on chlorpyifors which is an insecticide that has links to developmental problems in children.

Pruitt failed to uphold enforcement of environmental crimes. And in his final days, he was looking to sign away the EPA’s right to veto projects that could harm the environment. The EPA’s budget proposals also were almost nonexistent. The toxic clean-up fund that is responsible for the remediation of lead poisoning was slashed. Anything that mentioned climate change including polices and research were scrapped. However, even his strongest supporters in Congress questioned his cuts and expenditures. And some began to withdraw their support as his spending habits were revealed to the public. Pruitt will be remembered as one on the most extraordinary ethical corrupted administrators of the EPA.

The Guardian