During an interview with CBS, U.S. President Trump did not seem to have grand expectations for the summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and added that the European Union is a “foe” of  the U.S., Russia is a “foe in certain respects,” an China “is a foe economically.” The president has tested the relationships of many important allies during his term. The U.S. Justice Department indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers over allegedly interfering with the 2016 U.S. presidential election just three days before Trump’s meeting with Putin in Finland. Trump had yet to decide whether to ask Putin to extradite those Russians to the U.S. He puts the blame on the Democratic National Committee for allowing themselves  to be hacked by Russia in the first place. He once again explained Mueller’s ongoing investigation as a “witch hunt” and how it has negatively affected the US/Russian relationship. The president believes the U.S. faces many  foes that were once consider allies. The first one he named was the European  Union, and justified by saying that they were taking advantage of the U.S. by “not paying their bills.” He also mentioned Russia and China as other foes to  the U.S.