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Day 1: April 22, 2017

Opening Remarks (9:00-9:20am)

Dean James W. HouckDean Designate Hari M. Osofsky

Keynote Speech (9:20-9:40am)

            Kenneth McPhail (Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Manchester University)

Panel 1 (9:40-11:40am)

The Convergence and Diversification of the International Trade and Investment Regimes


Yanmei Lin (Associate Professor, Vermont Law School) & Sheng Sun (Vermont Law School): Nation State in International Environmental Governance: a Chinese Perspective in the Context of Regulating International Trade of Illegal Timber Products

Oluwaseun Ajayi (Attorney, U.S. Department of Education): the Panama Convention on Recognition of Arbitral Awards

(Via Skype) Nishi Malhotra (Assistant Professor) & Priya Malhotra (Assistant Professor, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University): Impact of Antidumping Duties on International Trade

Sheng Chen (Partner, King & Wood Mallesons): On Interim Measure of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Arbitration Rules (English Version) and An Analysis of the Development of Cross-border Dispute Resolution in China's Bankruptcy Laws and Regulations

Feng Li (Lecturer, China Foreign Affairs University): Research on FDI Regulation Framework at the Background of “OBOR” Implementation

Moderator: Flora Sapio

Lunch (11:40am-1:20pm)

Panel 2 (1:20-3:20pm)

The Constitutionalization of International Trade and Investment Rules Beyond the State or Among States


Wei Shen (Professor & Dean, Shandong University Law School): After TPP: China’s BIT’s and FDI Law

Flora Sapio (Professor, Australian National University; Board Member, FLIA): Private management and risk mitigation methodologies as the “Unwritten Constitution” in an era of anti-globalization.

Paolo Farah (Professor, West Virginia University): Civil Society and National, Bilateral & Multilateral Instruments towards “Non-Trade Concerns” to Stem the Excesses of Globalization

Bin Li (Professor, Beijing Normal University): Linking Human Rights Norms to International Investment Rules: A Methodological Reflection

Xiaofu li (Postdoctoral Researcher, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics): Legal Service of Chinese Market in New Era.

Moderator: Larry Catá Backer

Coffee Break (3:20-3:35pm)

Panel 3 (3:35-5:35pm)

The Rise of New Societal Orders and Global Supply Chains, Labor and Investment Markets


Larry Catá Backer (Professor, Penn State University): The Privatization of Governance

Nichlas Rowland (Professor, Penn State University) & Matthew Jon Spaniol (Professor, Roskilde University): Futures for China: Results from Pre-conference Scenario Planning Workshop

Shan Gao (SJD Candidate, Penn State Law School):  The FDI policy and socialist modernization

Sean Jorgensen (Attorney & Secretary of FLIA): Global Income Inequality and the Failures of Nationalism: A Case for the Globalization of Labor