What can gLAWcal and Routledge (New York/London) offer?

Expertise in legal publishing

Our editorial, marketing, and production team specialises in publishing law books and so have extensive experience and knowledge
of the law market.

Global distribution and marketing

We have a dedicated international sales team, and unlike many other UK publishers a significant proportion of our sales come from

Quality design and production values

Quality design and production values – Our books are produced efficiently, quickly and attractively using the latest technology.

How to submit a Book Proposal ?

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book proposal

We would suggest that your proposal would be between 7 - 8 pages in length, excluding sample chapters, or a draft manuscript. Please bear in mind that your proposal may be read by people who are experts in your field as well as those who do not have a legal background.


Please provide a detailed table of contents forthe book. This should include subheadings andshort paragraphs explaining what will be included in each chapter.

notes on contributors

A curriculum vitae for all the authors of monographs, those of the editors of a book collection and, if available, the short biographies/notes of any other chapter contributor of a book collection.





Is your proposed book aimed at

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What will happen next?


Our Editorial team will evaluate your proposal and we will then invite feedback from academic specialists in this area. We normally solicit 2 or 3 reports from academics and ask them to give us independent advice on the content, quality and potential market based on your proposal or manuscript. You should expect this process to take roughly 6-8 weeks (although this can take longer out of term time or at busy times).

Editorial Board

If the reviews have been positive and you are keen to proceed, our editors will submit a formal proposal for the consideration of our Editorial Board.

The Final Stage

Provided your proposal is accepted, we will then issue a draft contract. Once we have agreed on terms, you should sign and return the contract with an agreed date for delivery of the draft chapters or manuscript. Upon delivery, your book will be handed over to a Production Editor who will oversee the copy-editing and production process. We will then publish, market, and sell the book.

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