This book is part of the gLAWcal book series:

Transnational Law and Governance

Series Editor: Paolo Davide Farah

Since the Lisbon Treaty there has been a huge growth in EU administrative law with many administrative agencies, organs and bodies being set up to deal with various issues. This book sets out the various legal remedies available through the administrative appeals process which can be used against the actions of these legal entities. The book considers the role of administrative appeals in EU law and their place within the EU institutional framework, covering the changes to administrative appeals introduced by the Lisbon Treaty. The different categories of administrative appeals and their main features are analysed in detail in order to provide the reader with a guide to the form and substance of the administrative appeals in the EU. The issue of access to justice is also addressed looking at judicial review of decisions following an administrative appeal and how effective the system is at protecting the rights of individuals. The book offers a valuable guide to the processes and procedures of administrative appeals in the EU for scholars, researchers and practitioners.