The growth in green energy investments worldwide is an important reality and rising trends are to be expected in the future. When designing the proper policy agenda for renewable energy investments, we must take into consideration the legal, regulatory and political frameworks in both developing and developed countries. gLAWcal aims at analyzing national approaches on the matter, combining scientific, social and economic considerations. At the same time, it wishes to develop partnerships among European and non-European institutions, so as to deliver an integrated approach on sustainable energy investments, combining global and local perspectives.

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Toxin and Bioregulator Weapons

Legal Challenges at the End of the Fossil Fuel Era: Shaping a Just and Clean Energy Transition

Mineral Exploitation, Violence and International Law

Sustainability in Public Procurement, Corporate Law and Higher Education

The Crisis of Multilateral Legal Order: Causes, Dynamics and Implications

Globalization, Environmental Law, and Sustainable Development in the Global South

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