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Paolo D. Farah was a Keynote Speaker presenting a paper titled Global Governance and Water Resources at the conference Silk Road of Knowledge organized by the Kazakh-German University with the financial support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and aimed at:

  • Identification of scientific gaps regarding the impact of climate change contributing to the enhancement of constructive regional dialogue in Central Asia (CA).
  • Knowledge generation covering the impact of climate change on water and land management, food, water and climate security, infrastructure development and energy efficiency practices in Central Asia.
  • Strengthening emphasis on educational and youth outreach and experience-sharing.

The Conference set the basis for knowledge transfer of what has been developed in the Berlin process 2009-2019 as well as filling research gaps in future in the frame of Green Central Asia, a regional initiative on climate and security in Central Asia and Afghanistan launched by the Federal Foreign Office in the beginning of 2020. Recommendations collected during the thematic sessions will be presented during the closing session of the conference. More about the thematic sessions of the conference in the SESSIONS section.

More information could be found here: