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SDGs in Contemporary Perspective & Legal Transition – Virtual Talk & Book Launch

Wednesday, 15 December 2021    

6 pm CET | 5 pm GMT | 12 pm EST | 9 am PT

About the Event

The event is hosted by Professor Winfried Huck, the author of Sustainable Development Goals, An Article-by-Article Commentary and the Brunswick European Law School (BELS). We are delighted that Professor Paolo D. Farah and Deputy Dean Dr Jason Haynes will be participating in this event as expert speakers and discussants.

The talk will highlight the legal interpretation of the Global Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The legal interpretation of the SDGs is indispensable to create the most far-reaching effect and give certainty to everyone implementing the SDGs. The discussion focuses on this legal transitioning of the SDGs and, with the insights into the legal commentary, seeks to provide a manageable form for legal practitioners, policy-makers and practitioners as well. With its clear focus on legally significant interrelationships at the horizontal, vertical and transnational levels of law, this unique book offers an important contribution to understanding the global and systematic implementation of each of the UN SDGs.

About the Commentary

The commentary comprehensively analyses the Global Agenda 2030 and its systematically laid out SDGs and is intended to uncover rationales, legal definitions and interrelationships. In doing so, it addresses numerous fundamental questions and places the SDGs, their goals and indicators in a legal context, reflecting and explaining them against the backdrop of different jurisdictions and thus, supports all those who have to decide on sustainability issues in a legal context

We welcome all interested parties, academics, policy-makers, professionals, civil society and business leaders, the public, and students from the first steps of their studies on. Should you be interested, you are kindly asked to register and feel free to share this invitation with your network and students who might wish to participate.

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