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Food Security

The right to food is recognized by international conventions and national legislation. It requires to both, guarantee access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food (food security) and to guarantee the quality of food (food safety). The conference proceedings will focus on this second aspect. Food needs to be disposable not only in quantity but also in quality. It should meet nutritional needs of human being, which are not uniquely dependent upon age and physical conditions but also on cultural elements and religious belief of individual and communities. Thus, food security needs to consider and -be compliant with religious and traditional values. Following this perspective commercial-based tools such as labeling are used to preserve and protect ethnic, cultural and religious diversity. Today, there is a growing demand for establishing a legal framework for food security governance. This can be done toward joint efforts of institutions, private sector and civil society. The realization of right to food is under debate worldwide and the current legislation  is showing that there is convergence towards international best practice.

Welcoming Addresses:

Maria Helena Polidoro, Director of "Società Umanitaria"

Andrea Mascaretti, President of "Salone Internazionale della Ricerca Innovazione e Sicurezza Alimentare" 

Chair and Moderator:

Manlio Frigo, Full Professor of International Law and EU Law , Università degli Studi di Milano, President of Lombardy's Group of Italian Society of International Law


Angela Lupone, Full Professor of International Law, Università degli Studi di Milano 

Carola Ricci, Associate Professor of International Law, Università di Pavia 

Paolo Martinello, Lawyer focused on Insurance Law, Corporate Law, Competition Law and Consumer Law

Paolo Davide Farah, Assistant Professor, West Virginia University; Director of  gLAWcal - Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development (UK)