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Energy Policy Research Conference – EPRC8

Conference Agenda

Thursday, September 6th 

8:30 AM 

Welcome by Noel Bakhtian, Center for Advanced Energy Studies & Kathy Araujo, Energy Policy Institute 

9:00- 10:30 AM 

RTO Expansion in the West, Plenary Session 

Moderator: Ben Kujala, Northwest Power and Conservation Council Kristine Raper, Idaho Public Utilities Commission Ann Rendahl, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Jennifer Gardner, Western Resource Advocates Peter Colussy, California Independent System Operator 

10:45- 12:15 PM 


Federal Energy & Environmental Policy 

Moderator: Holly Taylor, Western Interstate Energy Board 

Andrew Kleit, Penn State University; What is Market Manipulation? Lessons from Barclays and Powhatan 

David Gattie, University of Georgia; First Principles of US Nuclear Power Policy for 21st Century Geopolitics 

Craig Jones, Boise State University; Weaponizing the EPA: Presidential Control and Wicked Problems 

Josh Lappen, Stanford University; A Policy History of the Federal Coal Management Program 


Local Energy Policy Decisions 

Moderator: Seth Blumsack, Penn State University 

Gabe Chan, University of Minnesota; Sharing Benefits, Costs, and Risk in Community Shared Solar: Evidence from 100 Minnesota Subscription Contracts

Stephanie Lenhart, Boise State University; Opportunities and Challenges of Solar Technology Configurations: Implementation by Municipal Utilities and Electric Cooperatives Gilbert Michaud, 

Ohio University; Deploying Solar Energy with Community Choice Aggregation Fees: A Case Study of Athens, Ohio Hanna Breetz, Arizona State University; 100% Renewable Energy Pledges in US Cities

12:30- 1:45 PM 

Lunch & Keynote Introduction by Kathy Araujo, Energy Policy Institute 

Keynote by Sue Tierney, Analysis Group

2:00- 3:30 PM


Modeling Electricity Markets 

Moderator: Robert Godby, University of Wyoming 

Rohini Ghosh, University of Wyoming; Valuing Expanded Wind Generation and Geographic Diversity of Wind in the Rocky Mountain West: Market and Non-Market Outcomes 

Jacob Tuttle, University of Utah; Analysis of a Thermal Generator’s Participation in the Western Energy Imbalance Market and the Resulting Effects on Overall Performance and Emissions 

Ryan Wiser, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Impacts of Wind and Solar on Wholesale Electricity Prices and Bulk Power System Assets 

Wesley Cole, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Impacts of Increasing Penetration of Renewable Energy on the Operation of the Power Sector 


Policy Choices & Environmental Outcomes 

Moderator: David Gattie, University of Georgia 

Brian Sergi, Carnegie Mellon University; Integrating Climate and Health Objectives to Inform Clean Energy Siting in Capacity Expansion Modeling 

Karin Wadsack, Northern Arizona University; Renewable Energy, Climate Change, and Energy Storage: Toward a Multi-pollutant Approach to Air Quality Regulation 

Sandra Sattler, Union of Concerned Scientists; Achieving a Clean Energy Transition in Illinois: Economic and Public Health Benefits of Replacing Coal Plants with Local Clean Energy Alternatives 

Kathryn Bills Walsh, Montana State University; Stalled Coalbed Methane Reclamation in Sheridan County, Wyoming: A Case of Environmental Cost-Shifting

3:45- 5:15 PM


Technological Innovation & Valuation 

Moderator: Tammie Borders, Idaho National Laboratory 

Grace Relf, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE); Valuing Distributed Energy Resources: Combined Heat and Power and the Modern Grid 

Eric Williams, Rochester Institute of Technology; Carbon Abatement Costs with Renewables Accounting for Declining Revenue and Technological Progress 

Haeyeon Kim, Colorado School of Mines; Locational Determinants of Wind Equipment Manufacturing Facilities 

Michelle Arnold, Utah State University; Biofuel Technology and Innovation in the 21st Century 


Siting Energy Infrastructure 

Moderator: Kathy Araujo, Energy Policy Institute 

Roundtable Discussion 

Seth Blumsack, Penn State University; The Costly Narrative of Fuel Security 

Sarah Parrish Bergquist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Backyard Voices: Community Perceptions of Large-Scale Energy Transmission Infrastructure 

Sanya Carley, Indiana University; Examining the Role of NIMBYism in Public Acceptance of Energy Infrastructure 

Sarah Mills, University of Michigan; Predicting Opposition to Windfarms Using Census Data 


International Energy Cases & Comparisons 

Moderator: Stephen Miller, University of Idaho 

Claudia Prempeh, University of Bayreuth, Germany; Will We Ever Be Stable? An Institutional Analysis of Ghana's Electricity Market 

Paolo Davide Farah, West Virginia University (USA) & gLAWcal - Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development (UK) ; Hydraulic Fracturing: From the United States' Experience to the Legal Framework in the European Union and the Member States 

Jongeun You, University of Colorado; Is the Pay for Success Approach Applicable to the Energy Poverty Issue?

6:00 - 9:00 PM 

Reception & Poster Presentations 

Alexander Nagel, University of Idaho; Analyzing Dam Feasibility in the Willamette River Watershed 

Allison Daniel, Oregon State University; Climate Change and the FWE Nexus: Understanding the Influence of Environmental Beliefs on Nexus Policy Preferences 

Courtney Hollar, University of Idaho; Thermoelectric Properties of High-Performance and Flexible Cu2Se and Bi2Te3 Thin Films Fabricated by Wet-deposition Methods 

Evan Miller, Boise State University; High-throughput Pipeline to Advance Organic Solar Cells 

Kelli Roemer, Montana State University; Planning for Local Impacts of Coal Transition in the West 

Stefi Mitova, University of Colorado Boulder; Charging Shared Electric Vehicles in San Francisco with Renewables: Transportation, Energy, and Economic Feasibility Analysis 

Lauren Berger, University of Colorado Boulder; Strategies for Implementing Nederland, Colorado’s 100% Renewable Energy Pledge 

Ujjwall Sai Sunder Uppuluri, London School of Economics and Political Science; Why, and With What Effects, Were There Programs of Fuel and Power Deregulation in the US and Privatization in England and Wales?