How should an increasing interdependence in WTO case law be assessed? An original view by Professor Carmody

Over the last two decades WTO has developed an impressive, and sometimes controversial, dispute settlement system. By analysing thsi corpus pf judicial decisions it is possible to wonder what is the role of the interdependence? So far, many studies on WTO law have neglected this aspect of the law – that is interdependence. This is because much of the early experience with WTO law has, in fact, been seen through the filter of WTO dispute settlement which appears to be concerned with singular obligations. Now things are beginning to change because the global economy is increasingly characterized by webs of cooperation that involve ever more intensive interdependence. This has implications for the shape of international law generally. But how can this state of affairs be assessed? In this study, it is submitted that the idea itseld of interdependence is not a neutral concept, not unreservedly positive. Rather it is suggested that interdependence needs to be constantly questioned and re-conceptualised in its many directions.