Reworking provides the opportunity for workers in industry to change their behaviors and associations with the various aspects of their job. Not only does it provide the platform for individuals to have a reinvigorated sense of self, these new attitudes can change the individual that would even consider working in the industry. For example, if the energy sector changed their values and promote the ideals of sustainable development and a host of other attitudes, they would be inviting new individuals who agree with these new values, and can provide a wealth of new experience and perspective. There is also a value in numbers to be employed for these changes. In historic examples, worker strikes when all other options have been exhausted have been worthwhile in changing the attitudes and conversations around the underlying problems that are being experienced in the workplace. While an all out strike to change the attitude and values the industry may not be successful at first, the history has shown that small incremental change has staying power. For example, in most of the developed world there have been concessions by industry, like sick leave and holidays that have permeated other industries because the call for these changes exists well beyond the initial confrontation in a particular place of employment.