Current and future humanity has and will inherit the decisions of previous generations. Practices that were once able to succeed are now not as sustainable and acceptable because of their previous existence. In this, a new normal has created itself because of the total sum of outcomes of previous actions and modern attitudes. The author notes this as the tyranny of circumstances, and this is an excellent name for the invisible hand of influencing current circumstances. There has been an incredible growth over the many centuries that have resulted in an increased standard of living for the majority of humans. Certain luxuries and what is thought of as basic necessities only have existed because of previous actions and reactions of policymakers, capitalists, and individual consumers alike. However, because of a variety of systems changes, certain practices are no longer acceptable, increasing the cost of complying with regulations that are needed for the greater good. Instead in the modern context there is the nuance of understanding the total sum of consequences for a given action, and the need for increasing the innovation to allow for sustainable development, again in a manner that is best for the greater good. However it should not be seen that the tyranny of circumstances should be a crutch or an excuse for behaving in the same ways that were previous acceptable. It is instead just a useful explanation for why certain things are no longer acceptable, and why much more resource intensive procedures must take their place.