The civil society groups in India are concerned that the IP featured strongly in Obama’s visit to India and bilateral mechanisms up through the US-India Trade Policy Forum, could help to sustain the US pressure over India’s patent laws. Commenting on recently released draft national IP, Anand Grover, Senior Counsel of the Supreme Court and Director of Lawyers Collective, said that the US pressure seems to be obvious as “the policy document is completely out of sync with India’s ground realities and her development needs.” In an attempt to intensify pressure, the USTR and ITR, and conducting independent investigations India’s IP regime which selectively targeted the areas of concern for the US businesses. The US wants India do away with Section 3(d) which utilizes flexibility under the TRIPS agreements to protect against ever greening of patented drugs. In response the increasing US pressure 40 civil society organisations, patient groups and community networks have raised a global petition rejecting US actions and has found support amongst 75 thousand individuals as of 22nd January, 2015 The gLAWcal Team LIBEAC project Thursday, 22 January 2014 (Source: Inside US Trade)