On September 15, 2018, the Beijing government issued the three-year action plan for Beijing to make the sky blue again (hereinafter referred to as the plan). According to the plan, by 2020, Beijing aims to improve air quality further on the basis of the 13th five-year plan, significantly reducing the concentration of PM2.5, nitrogen oxides and other volatile organic compounds. The ratio of heavy pollution days will fell by more than 25 percent comparing  to 2015.
   The specific measures proposed in the plan include optimizing and adjusting the transportation structure and promoting the low emission of mobile devices. By taking measures such as encouraging the utilization of electrically driven vehicles, accelerating the elimination of old cars, and reducing the intensity of motor vehicle use, Beijing will strive to reduce  the emission of pollutants in the transportation sector by 30 percent by 2020 comparing with 2017. Beijing will also continue to address dust pollution and strengthen pollution control as focusing on the construction of site, road and bare ground to create a clean urban environment. And it will close down open pit mines that violate the laws and regulations on resources and environment protection. By 2020, the rehabilitation of 500 hectares of abandoned mines will be completed. What’s more, Beijing on one hand will seek to optimize the industrial structure and promote green industrial production as weeding out low-efficiency and polluting enterprises and on the other hand will advocate clean energy consumption as fully exploiting local new energy resources and supporting energy-saving renovation. Although it is a hard work, the result is worth expecting.

Beijing Government