One young European born in 1989 for each member state in order to commemorate and discuss the past and the future of the European Union.On 2nd November, the representation of the European Parliament and of the European Commission in Berlin invited 28 young Europeans in order to discuss the main current issues in the European Union. The conference has been organised in occasion of the 25-years memorial from the fall of the wall which has been dividing the east Germany from the west Germany from 1961 till 1989. The member state representatives had the occasion to share ideas and different visions in particular in the field of the participative democracy and democratic values, equality and social justice, migration & asylum, EU’s neighbourhood, energy & climate, jobs & education and the freedom of movement and EU in the Digital Age. These young European citizens are calling for a more democratic and sustainable Europe, less concentrated on national interests and more open to the new challenges which the global economic and social approach presents. In particular, with respect to the energy and climate issues, the participants asked for a Europe free from fossil fuels, based on the share of renewable energy in an efficient and safe way. With regard to the European economic model, they call for Europe acting for a more sustainable development, a well-developed budgetary cooperation and checks, and a sense of responsibility for future generations. The messages collected are part of the Berlin Manifesto 2014, which will be addressed to the European Institutions on the official meeting in Berlin. The gLAWcal Team LIBEAC project Friday, 7 November 2014 (Source: Europaische Bewegung Deutschland)