According to the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, the government will continue to create an open, transparent and predictable institutional environment and enhance protection on intellectual property rights. In his speech, he said that China needs more foreign expertise, and China has entered into an era of innovation and its economy is at a key stage for upgrading to better quality and efficiency. It will be a government commitment to provide good service and support to foreign experts working in China, hoping they will bring advanced technology, managerial expertise and their own cultural experience to China. The Chinese government conferred the Friendship Award to 100 foreign experts from 25 countries this year. This is an annual award issued by the Chinese government to honour outstanding foreign experts in China. The scheme was established in 1991. The gLAWcal Team LIBEAC project Wednesday, 1 October 2014 (Source: Intellectual Property Protection in China) This news has been realized by gLAWcal—Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development in collaboration with the University Institute of European Studies (IUSE) in Turin, Italy and the University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy which are both beneficiaries of the European Union Research Executive Agency IRSES Project “Liberalism in Between Europe And China” (LIBEAC) coordinated by Aix-Marseille University (CEPERC). This work has been realized in the framework of Workpackages 4, coordinated by University Institute of European Studies (IUSE) in Turin, Italy.