The environmental protection represents one of the most important and challenging issue, at the center of the Chinese political agenda. In this context, recent reports show that many companies have been found guilty of illegal pollution. For instance, China’s environment ministry has recently penalized the Inner Mongolia’s Duolun Coal Chemistry Company for failing to undertake adequate measures to cut the plant’ sulphur dioxide emissions: the company’ sulphur purifiers were found to have been switched off for a total of 174 days last year. Additionally, other enterprises have been repeatedly found guilty of violating environmental regulations. However, the practice of these companies to fake environmental data is even more serious. In this context, the Ministry of Environmental Protection band the National Development and Reform Commission has publicly identified 19 companies accused of faking desulfurization figures: five major Chinese electrical power enterprises all appear in the list. Additionally, data show that for none of them was this the first violation of environmental laws. Consequently, many of these companies were put under supervision. Reports have also shown that a significant number of these enterprises have falsified emissions data after receiving a subsidy of tens of millions yüan. The environment ministry have launched a plan of sanctions on a number of subsidiaries of state-owned enterprises found to have falsified their emissions data. To overcome this situation, central and local governments have invested more than 100 million yüan in order to establish a monitoring system to reinforce the control of environmental performance. However, experts have suggested that authorities need to take stricter actions in order to achieve concrete results. The gLAWcal Team The EPSEI project Saturday, 26 July 2014 (Source: ChinaDialogue)