Climate change not only make the temperature go higher, rise the sea levels, accelerate of process of ice melting, but also hastens the occurrence of extreme weathers and prompt the natural weather circles mighty. According to a new study, climate change and the rising of temperature is making the El Niño phenomenon worse. The El Niño phenomenon refers to an unusually persistent warming of the tropical seas of the eastern and central Pacific, which changes the world's climate patterns, causing droughts in some areas  and excessive rainfall in others. On the contrary, La Niña is the abnormal cooling of the eastern and central Pacific Ocean, which always following the appearance of El Niño. However, no matter we are under which weather circle, the global climate will be affected by any means. According to the study ENSO's Changing Influence on Temperature, Precipitation, and Wildfire In a Warming Climate, J. T. Fasullo, B. L. Otto‐Bliesner and S. Stevenson, the authors of this article observe that the El Niño phenomenon is becoming more powerful. They analyze the relationship between El Niño and La Niña by adopting a regional climate model using data from the past as well as the prediction for the future. They point out that in a case when El Niño reaches certain magnitude it may form in the future, the weather phenomenon may have a bigger impact on our weather than it happened 50 years ago and if we do nothing to deal with the climate change, the realty in the future is rather worth than we predicted. It's not too late to change our lifestyle, industry policies and the idea towards environmental protection in order to create a  better future for ourselves and our descendants, but the clock is ticking and the time is running out.