Germany recycles the most than any other country in the world, and the EU wants to copy the country’s recycling policies. With a combination of fees and restrictions, several European countries have almost eliminated the amount of waste they send to the landfill according to a report by the European waste management. European countries send about 38 percent of their trash the landfill. Germany leads the EU in recycling. They recycle more than 50 percent of their municipal waste. However, their citizens also produce the most waste. Germany citizens produces an average of 583 kilograms of waste. The rest of the EU produces an average of 502 kilograms of waste per citizen. Of Germany's municipal waste, 45 percent is recycled, 38 percent is burned and 17 percent is composted. Waste management is a thriving industry that has created many jobs in the EU. Almost two million Europeans work for the waste  management. And it generated a turnover of 145 billion euros. Economic incentives have proved essential for more successful recycling rates.

Deutsche Welle