The Strategic Plan 2018-2021 of the UNDP aims to help countries achieve sustainable development by accelerating the structural transformation. A representative of youth organizations promotes that open government commitments help provide public resources. 

To ensure the sustainability of transformative processes, particularly in Mexico as a kind of high-middle-income country, it is important to address issues in relation to structural causes and interconnections, which means to transform the way in which problems and solutions are solved. During this process, the engagement of young people is a good choice. To promote sustainable development, efforts have to begin at the local level where citizens and authorities share a common space and public issues, where immediate solutions are found. 

How to adapt the SDGs to specific local realities is a key challenge. In Mexico, it means who to provide citizens the consultation and participation opportunities in public policies and how to enable them participating in the governmental decision-making process, and to become active in this development process. In terms of open government, the UNDP Mexico aims to contribute to strengthening the trust between citizens and government at the local level. This could be achieved through action-oriented citizen participation, acceptability, transparency and co-creation. The UNDP Mexico, with financial support from USAID, in partnership with other relevant organizations, implemented the Open Government Practices for Sustainable Development Goals project. One of the objective of this initiative is to improve the quality of public policies through providing local opportunities while the other is to increase the skills of local citizens via a fellowship training programme focusing on young women and men. Although this project has been implemented for a short period, the outcome is visible. The open government has proved to be a great approach to support SDGs bottom-up implementation. Young people that graduated from the fellowship training programme have provided proposals of open government projects considering sustainable development. The UNDP Mexico?�?s initiative provides a platform for youth to learn and exchange ideas and experiences. It seeks to create a network and strengthen connections of local agents of change for sustainable development and open government thus promote citizen engagement in Mexico i.e. actively participation in the projects within the framework of the local open government actions.