New research indicates that global warming could cut yields of crops, like maize, in half by the end of the century. Researchers in the US observed the effect that exposure to temperatures of between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius had on the growth of crops. It was observed that every day of exposure to such temperatures reduced harvest yield by around 5%. They indicate that without a reduction to greenhouse gas emissions, crop yields of Maize could be reduced by 50%, soybeans by 40%, and wheat by 20% by 2100. It is predicted that this will cause food shortages across the globe, which may result in forced migration and war. However, the damage to harvest yield was found by researchers to be substantially mitigated when the irrigation of crop fields was increased, and is highlighted as a promising means of adapting to the effects of global warming. The inability of certain regions to further irrigate crops, due to water shortages, is noted. The gLAWcal Team POREEN project Friday, January 20 2017 (Source: The Independent)