In early 2018, the Chinese government implemented a recycling ban on most recycled plastic and mixed paper, and now, they are proposing to ban imports of recovered fiber and  every other form of solid waste. On July 11, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment drew up on new regulations to ban solid waste from being imported to the country. As of the publishing, China allows higher grades of fiber to  continue to be imported. On an online translation of the document, it has 102 articles with each chapter pertaining to various aspects of environmental  protection. There has not been a set date of implementation to the plan. The proposal is accepting comments until the August 18. Alongside the proposal a second document is published which the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress wants to consider the proposal as a part of the 2018  legislative work plan. Though high-grade fiber has not been prohibited, it  has been difficult since increase inspections, tighter quality standards, and other restrictions. U.S. exporters sent a reported 3.15 million metric tons of fiber valued at $513 million from January through May to China. This ban has given North America fiber manufactures a leg-up in the market, as there is a need for the materials to go.

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