With the rising temperatures outside, it has want us to lower temperatures inside, but the increased usage of air conditioning has also increased the amount of green-house emissions that lead to climate change. This can degrade surrounding air quality and elevate levels of air pollution. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison say air pollution will worsen as we experience adapt to the effects of global warming, we are actually making the consequences worse. Their research looked into five different models to forecast future predictions of increase summer temperatures and energy usage. They look on how the consumption from fossil fuels, air quality, and human health will all be affected in these changes. 

The increased usage of air conditioning means an increase need of using fossil fuels to power those units which we trade off with our overall health. The team predicts an additional 13,000 human deaths annually from the increase summer levels of fine particle pollution and another 3,000 from the ozone. These deaths are attributed to atmospheric chemistry and natural emissions. The researches claimed that at least 1,000 of those total deaths would happen because of the increased use of air conditioning. They know there is probably not going to be a decrease in temperatures or air conditioning any time in the near future, so they encourage that we need to change where we will receive the energy to more sustainable and renewable resource. 

Science Daily