The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation 2018 Beijing Summit has yielded  fruitful results. As the largest and the highest-profile host diplomacy held by China to date, the two-day Beijing summit focused on the theme of "China and Africa: toward an even stronger community with a shared  future through win-win cooperation", building consensus on cooperation and aligning development strategies. As one of the important outcomes of the  meeting, the Beijing declaration on Building a Closer China-Africa Community of Shared Future reflects the consensus between China and Africa on major  issues in the world today, and demonstrates China's commitment to unity and  friendship.

In the declaration, both parties have decided to mutually further strengthen high-level contacts, enhance exchanges of governance and development experience, firmly support each other in independently choosing development paths suitable to their national conditions, and actively explore and expand effective routes for developing countries to move towards modernization. The two sides will maintain close coordination and cooperation in international  and regional affairs and firmly uphold the legitimate rights and interests of  developing countries. China and Africa both agree that they will focus on developing in infrastructure, trade, investment, agriculture, environmental  protection, energy resources, and will pay more attention to improve the  capacity of independent development of Africa, the livelihood and employment of  African people. They commit to further intensify the cooperation in fields of  human resources , science, technology and culture, medical and health care,  media and tourism, and in particular, to reinforce youth exchanges, so as to  build a solid foundation of public opinion for China-Africa’s friendship. The  African side spoke highly of China's efforts to substantially increase the  number of non-government scholarships for African students, and innovatively  launch the Luban workshop, China-Africa Innovation and Entrepreneurship  Center. Also, concerning peace and security cooperation, China support  Africa's peaceful development and China has decided to set up a fund for  peace and security cooperation between China and Africa. This is the first  time that China has made a fund arrangement in this field. China will  continue to provide free military assistance to the African Union and support  countries in the Sahel, the gulfs of Aden and Guinea in enhancing their  capacity for self-determination and peacekeeping.