Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the opening ceremony of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation 2018 Beijing Summit that China will work closely with African countries on the basis of advancing the "ten cooperation plans" and focus on the implementation of the "eight major actions" in the next three years. The following are listed six possible  benefits to the 2.6 billion Chinese and African people. First, to promote China-Africa e-commerce cooperation and expand the trade market between China and Africa such as: establishing the China-Africa economic and trade fair in China, increasing imports of African commodities, in particular non-resource  products, and supporting the building of free trade zones in African continent. Second, to support the development of air transport market in Africa and launch more direct flights between China and Africa in order to help African countries to become an attractive tourist destinations for Chinese citizens. Third, to encourage Chinese enterprises to participate in African infrastructure construction in the form of joint investment, construction and operation, with a focus on the fields of energy, transportation, information and communications, as well as cross-border water resources, so to build a better life for the African people. Fourth, to assist African’s green economy by means of promoting the application of new energy in Africa and helping  Africa to develop the bamboo and rattan industries. Fifth, to provide special talents for the African continent, for example, through learning from the experience of China's informatization construction. African countries can directly enter into the new generation of information technology industries such as cloud computing and big data, by which could promote the national industrialization and modernization process. Lastly, to increase cultural exchanges to introduce more African excellent traditional art form into China and at the meantime, export more Chinese songs, dances, films  and TV dramas to Africa as both parties could enjoy the precious cultural  product.