This chapter begins with two quotes. The first is from an Al Jazeera documentary on the 2010 Honda Labor Strike, and the second is from a Chinese labor lawyer. Both highlight the changing landscape of labor law and practices in China. In effect, the author lays out the emergence of a new field of legal reform and socio-economic rights. Another topic of discussion for the chapter, and is likely more unfamiliar to the casual reader is the concept of public interest litigation (PIL). However, this chapter, and its author, provide enough depth on the topic to understand as it relates to the chinese example, but also avoids distracting or overwhelming the reader with too much extraneous information. The chapter also intertwines the responsibility that China has to uphold the international agreements signed, including the International Declaration of Human rights, which can impact labor laws at the national level. With the emergence of new and improved status of rights within Chinese society, there was an increased call for what the chapter designated as Rights Interest Ligation, or RIL. There is a significant impact in what RIL provides to the average Chinese citizen, and has found a unique application in labor law throughout that nations modern jurisprudence. RIL has also elevated itself into the minds of legislators and the judiciary of the national government, allowing for greater and greater application new socio-economic rights, tying the two broad topics of the chapter together.