China has a bad reputation that they are trying to get themselves out of. Over the last few decades, the country of China has made some impressive leaps forward, yet problems remain.

Earth is home to many nations. Each of these nations is ran differently than the next and there is no perfect way to govern a country, nation, or state. However, when many people hear “China” they think of communism and a dictatorship that doesn’t care about their people. China has a bad reputation that they are trying to get themselves out of. Over the last few decades, the country of China has made some impressive leaps forward. They have become the largest economy in the world, which has created millions of jobs. Their socio-economic standard of living has increased, although mostly for the urban population only. One of the largest issues that China faces is that their urban population has a much higher standard of living when compared to their rural population. Because of this high level of inequality between those who live in urban areas and those who live in rural areas, China’s socio-economic rights situation has been one that is much less than ideal. Ideally, everyone shares the same rights, and everyone has an easy path to getting justice if these rights are violated, whether that be by a private corporation or by the government. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world, and we most likely never will. Much to this same idea, the education system in China can be said to be discriminatory. Although every student in an education system should have access to a quality education system, those with disabilities in China do not have this ease of access. It must be noted that this is the case in many countries around the world and not just the country of China. Education is an issue all over the world. It is only pointed out here due to China’s otherwise high level of education. Also, it has been noted, even by the CESCR, that China does not have a normative framework in place to hold corporations, both domestic and foreign, accountable for violations of socio- economic rights. Because of this, the advancement of the economy and the increase in socio- economic rights are basically useless. Without protection of these rights and a framework to go by, these corporations can basically do whatever they want and cause some very devastating damage. Another issue is that China’s human and socio-economic rights tend to be located in different statutes, making it difficult to track all of the rights that people are entitled to. China has ratified seven of the major international human rights treaties, but they have been much more relaxed on the socio-economic front. Socio-economic rights are in China and they have been passed, but they are not being upheld or protected. One of the biggest issues is the fact that China has not been upgraded to constitutional or even statutory basis. The judiciary in China also needs some help in order to take care of these socio-economic rights and to protect them fully.