Two new terms have enter the lexicon of global policymakers. Climigrants and clirefugees, portmanteaus of climate and immigrant, and climate and refugees, respectively. A bit self explanatory, but these climigrants and clirefugees are in that status from the direct impact of climate change. They may be from low lying areas that are no longer able to maintain communities in a safe manner. Their otherwise arable land may no longer be able to provide a lot for farming or other goods-producing. These are modern examples, but throughout human history, migration of individuals have been caused by global climate changes. Yet in modern times when populations of people must migrate, it is often a huge sum of individuals. Contemporary protections for those seeking refugee for a number of reasons often fail to recognize a new cause; the climate changing. These regulations have, and must continue to be updated, ensuring that refugee and asylum seeking protections are afforded to these populations of individuals. The smae nations that benefit from the practices that have contributed to this climate change, should be among the first to accept these populations, as they often have the resources to be able to afford complete social safety nets to allow these individuals to thrive.