There is an often used maxim where “it often gets worse before it can get better”. It is safe to assume that we are currently in that “worse” state when it comes to dealing with the effects of climate change, but what is the outcome for the “better”? The chapter argues that the overall system of global climate exists as a hyperobject, something that is inherently extant from humans at large. However, I would push back on this idea, considering that there is much evidence to the contrary as human-led climate change is the prevailing scientific consensus on the matter. Although the chapter focus on what humans can build to sustain themselves through global climate change, there is enough ingenuity to both combat climate change, and build sustainable systems that can aid in the era when climate change is no longer able to be mitigated to the same extent as it once was. I do not mean to accuse the author of assuming that “there is nothing that can be done”, but the furtherance of the ideas of hyperobjects can be seen as an attempt to remove humans from the problems they have caused, and inserted it in the the natural order, something that cannot be influenced.