Chinese tradition can inform how the idea of liability may be seen in a very different light compared to other developed nations. From Confucian traditions, it is seen that man and nature are often at odds with one another, and man should take every expolit and advantage over nature that is afforded to them. This can result in destructive practices that may benefit an individual or corporation, like resource extraction. On the other hand, there are often a host of individuals that receive no benefit, even or negative consequences of that same action. Add this to a second tradition that nearly all legal concerns are resolved through what would be identified as mediation, instead of jury trials. The Chinese meditation practices allow for parties to make an agreement before it ever arrives for review by a judicial or administrative agency. This could be an opportunity for a greater represented party to be able to take advantage of a victim that does not have as much knowledge about the process as the other party. There is of course no mechanism to review these actions by a third-party or government agency. Issues that fall into civil law are often resolved by individuals in the community who are promoted to these positions without specific legal training. This is an opportunity to prevent an excessive burden on the judiciary system, but there still must be an opportunity to make administrative review of the actions in mediation.