The Global North is a shorthand for the nations that comprise North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. These nations have experienced the majority of growth and progress for worker agency, and have seen the majority of the increases in worker income across the last century or so. However, there is a particular note that there is a huge variance in collectivist versus capitalist ideals across the many nations. Without delving too much into the socioeconomic differences between the nations, there is a unique opportunity to look for similarities amongst this diverse group of successful nations. The similarities between them all is the promotion of non monetary compensation benefits that can be seen across the nations. While there are some outliers in offering these types of benefits, there are traditionally still some levels of implementation for these different ideas. However, the US is especially far behind in non monetary compensation, and instead focuses on increasing monetary compensation to make up for these lack of improvements. Healthcare is often provided as a private product, in direct contrast to the majority of the Global North where healthcare is an offering directly from government organizations, with the onus of success for the system lying at the feet of the administrators of these systems, and not shareholders like in the US example. Looking to other Global North partners for non monetary strategies may be one of the better ways to improve worker agency for those in the US.