There is an increasing calls from consumers and nations alike that corporations promote ideals through their own behaviors and practices. One of this is the promotion of equality as a condition of operating a corporation. In the Global North and especially in North America, corporations are often required by society to signal that they are on the correct side of political issues, and the furtherance of human rights and dignity to marginalized groups. This new requirement to be active participants in the political process, instead of passive machines that are more interest in production and profit-seeking is a 21st century ideal. However, through recognizing the power of very large corporations to make improvements in the labor movement, there is hope that if corporations do all they can to move the needle for improving the human rights and dignities of the citizens of their respective nations. Yet, the national government should not also abdicate responsibility for ensuring that the nation is improving in their own right, and further that the corporations are respecting all of the laws of the nation and not hide behind public relations practices to cover over and responsibilities that they may be eschewing.