What is Integrative Governance? A gLAWcal comment on A Radically Democratic Response to Global Governance

The pursuit of a higher standard of governance is welcomed in this chapter. Here, there is a prescription for this loftier standard of governance including “the will to will the public will”, in other words, there is a fundamental truth that there must be a wholesale change in the societal standard for what is acceptable by the Community. As is mentioned in the chapter: order, liberty, unity, autonomy, and belonging are all sought after in the Integrative Governance Model. However, there is a instances where these distinct desires will conflict with each other. The true beauty in the pursuit for the model of Integrative Governance is that if society were ever to elevate to the point at which they are able to achieve the balance of all of the concerns, all of the resulting interactions between i/Individual, Community, and Government will be a more fluid experience, with people occupying different roles depending upon circumstance.