How to refocus the ever-increasing global access to healthful foods.

Carolina Palma outlines the approaches and tools that are necessary to tackle food insecurity. Food security is generally defined as consistent access to safe, healthful foods that are preferential to the individual's culture and lifestyle. Sadly, global food insecuirty is at a higher level than one would anticipate. Specifically in Asia, where over 3 out of every 5 undernourished persons live, food insecuirty hinders much economic advancement; not just for the individual, but the nation and region at-large. Policy responses to the emergence and recognition that not all have reliable access to these healthful foods are important have varied across nations and regions over the past several decades. However, there are several positive programs to promote, such as Via Campesina. This program focuses on how to increase food secuirty and access specifically to societies with an agrarian tradition. Similarly, a refocuses on international trade to provide proper access between those nations with an excess of healthful foodstuffs to nations that lack the infrastructure to properly account for food secuirty all on their own.