This chapter delves into a nuanced discussion of the modern place for the World Trade Organization, and whether it is ripe for “reformable”. The author takes care to have introductory remarks and definitions of the concepts that are necessary to understand within the following discussions that take place within the chapter. This chapter, among many of the other chapters, are intended to be standalone products that can be understood without knowledge of the concepts presented in other chapters, and this chapter delivers on that idea. This chapter should be read ahead of many other chapters in the text, if only for the introduction to the broader topics of globalization, reform, and an abridged historical context of the WTO. The topic of trade and non-trade concerns as a differential comparison is a well invited discussion as it provides a greater breadth of context of the idea of non-trade concerns, a central topic for discussion for the duration of the chapter and the full text. While the topic of whether the WTO is ripe for reform is more a rhetorical question, allowing for earnest investigation of both the positives and negatives such an international player in the globalization topic is drawn as a novel discussion in a wholesome manner. While this chapter definitely has an overarching philosophy that the author does not shy away from incorporating into their discussion of the topic, the overall information can be seen from a place of knowledge and authority, even if you as the reader may not agree with the philosophy as presented.